Players of the month of April are poelie and liepa,both won 4 games of 4!CONGRATULATIONS!

As a mom of some small children I can introduce the chess learning programm for children, which is now very popular for two of my children (5 and 7 years old). It is called Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster. My children are so interested in chess through this program that they argue over who can play it first.  We use the original German version of this program, called Fritz und Fertig.

Recently I found the good chess programm, in the past very popular for the palm gadgets, for free:  Chess Tiger. I donwloaded it, took my old Palm and I use it now for replaying the games for chess books. It is very handy.  So if somebody have an old Palm gadget, you can use it again for chess.


Both sections of 1st Sixth Sense tournament are finished.
The winners are:
For casual section:hidden09 and fenja;
For advanced-intermediate section:pascale_66.
2nd Sixth Sense tournament will start in September,since now who will participate send me a message


We have 2 players of the month in March:
mantidereligiosa : won 4 games of 4;
deborahfreire :won 4 games of 5;
Thanks to both for their diligence in team games!

White to move and win. This is a position from my gameknot game. I was white and I won.


Hou Yifan is my favorite to contend for the world chess championship one day, but maybe Humpy Korenu or Alexandra Kosteniuk.  What are the chances of Judit Polgar getting back in the zone?

Do you make a database from your own games? I make this with the chessprogramm lately and I found that it is very useful. Because you can see and analyze your games and see the common mistakes for example.
The program I use is called Fritz Chess 11. There are a newer and older versions of this programm. They all have quite similar look and have the ability to make a database, to analize the game, to comment the game, to play chess against the program if you like and some other features. The newest chess programs  are of course the most expensive but the older are very affordable.

I have two big problems when I try to read a chess book. First I am slowly at finding the field on the chess board. For example if I read Bf5 I need about 5-10 seconds on realizing where the f5 is. So, I just have to concentrate to go through the game in place of understanding it. And then comes the second reason – there are so many variations and subvariations of moves. So if I succeed to go slowly through the game then the lots of variations kill my intention to read the book.
What about you?

Hello,girls!Don’t you like the new look of our website?I think it’s much better,and since now we can see also players of the month.Any suggestion to improve our website is welcome!